Murder in Missouri

February 16, 2010

Serial Killers/Potential Serial Killer Involvement

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Please ignore typos I make on the page now and then folks and mispellings.  I have a lot to type many times and do so very fast, and I really don’t have much time or use for the proof reading.  It’s a blog, not a dictionary, even though I apologize in advance…..Yes, serial killers, /sigh.  Unfortunately, this is my area of expertise.  Ok, here we go.

The crime statistics at the time that the Springfield Three went missing stated that there was only a less than 10 percent chance that this was a random act of violence due to the fact that more than one family member was taken or killed.  There was only around a 6 percent chance at that time, that if it was a random act of violence, that the act was perpetrated by an actual serial killer.

That said, at that time, most places did not have the unusually high number of serial killers actively working in them as this one did.  Nor were they the Serial Killer Central that Springfield tends to be, considering its extreme number of caves, cisterns, caverns, and sinks (It IS the Cave State), close proximity to the Mark Twain National Forests, and rural areas which still may have never seen a human foot step upon them.

Near Kansas City, the actual crossroads of the United States, a hub which connects the east to the west through easy cross-country  makes travel through much still undeveloped lands convieneient, by two major interstate systems, I-44 and I-70, both.  It offers not just one excellent viable major escape route via long and windy, rural, and secluded roads, but two, and likely makes this area the number one most desirable area for a serial killer, or in this case, several serial killers to hunt in the whole country.  And they do.  Let the discussion begin.



  1. Robert Craig Cox, the number one suspect in this case is an ex-military hero, as Chloe mentioned earlier. In 1979, Robert Craig Cox was Soldier of the Year at Fort Benning, Georgia, an Army Ranger, and that same year, shockingly enough and likely in embarrassment to the military, he was implicated in the 1979 murder of Walt Disney World worker, 19 year old Sharon Zellers.

    He was eventually found guilty of that murder and sentenced to death, but for whatever reason that is still not clear to me, her family and friends, the jury, or the entire community, The Florida Supreme Court vacated his sentence and AQUITTED him in 1990 (see my link in Suspects). Now keep in mind that Cox was not actually serving time IN Florida, but was released from prison in California where he was serving time for kidnapping and friends: The justices, they were aware of this….Anyway, he was doing 9 years one one count of kidnapping (actually he has attempted to kidnap two people there but failed in the endeavor and was only charged with one), and two charges of assault with a weapon. Nice guy huh?

    He moved to Springfield shortly after his release, and many believe he committed this crime for various reasons we will discuss, in June of 1992. We believe he stood before a grand jury at least once on this matter, but for some reason (likely a lack of sufficient evidence) they did not indict him and he was free to raom again. Where to this time?

    Plano, Texas,where in the town of Decatur, near Dallas, he proceeded to rob a Hair Salon, of all things (keep in mind, one of our victim’s, Sherrill Levitt, was a hair dresser), and held a 12 year old girl hostage at gunpoint during the ordeal. He is now serving a life sentence in prison in Lovelady, Texas.

    Over all these years, Cox has played around with Springfield Police Department, saying he knows the women are dead and that they’re buried near either the city, or within a mile of the crim or something similar. Having discovered that Cox lied about his alibi on the morning of June 7, 1992, officials are skeptical about his claims.

    That about cover the basics on him, guys? I leave anything out? I will give you my personal feeling on him as far as serial killings: There is nothing in Cox’s crime resume that indicates to me that Cox is a serial killer. A killer, perhaps, a kidnapper for certain, and a robber beyond all doubt. But this type of record in no way meets the criteria to establish him as a serial killer, which is why he is in my “potential serial killer” list, because we don’t KNOW what all he has done.

    He COULD have committed this crime. My first post here is not to argue for or against that point, but to give the necessary background information on him, so that you may research him yourselves, and come to what conslusion you will. We can argue the finer points below.

    Comment by nettie267 — February 16, 2010 @ 4:41 am

    • Nettie267, I’m an investigator for the Midwest Innocence Project and I’d love to talk with you about a couple of the names brought up in your posted comments — please email me at if you’re interested.

      Thank you!

      Comment by Nadia — November 21, 2011 @ 11:58 pm

      • Nadia, I hope you are till around, I am back on the case now after a long break from emotional issues due to it. I have fresh and rested eyes now.

        Comment by nettie267 — July 3, 2014 @ 3:55 pm

  2. Number Two: Dispelling the myth of Tommy Lynn Sells. This man is one of the most cold-blooded killers to have ever lived. Yes, he was very familiar with Springfield. In 1997 he raped and strangled 13 year old Stephanie Mahaney and dumped her remains into a pond just west of Springfield. So he was obviously comfortable or at least familiar with the hunting and dumping grounds in and around the area, and just might be responsible for other unsolved crimes in the area.

    It is impossible for him to have committed this crime, however. In May of 1992 he attacked 20 year old Fabienne Witherspoon. She survived that attack by wrestling the knife away from him and stabbing and slashing him at least 18- 23 times. After a week long stay in the hospital there, Sells was immdiately taken into custody.

    He could NOT have been in Springfield, Missouri because he sat in the county jail there in Charleston. But still people whisper about how it “could have been him”. No, it could not have been.

    Comment by nettie267 — February 17, 2010 @ 12:57 am

  3. “Whooa!! Hello, Missouri! My name is Jeremy Bryan Jones, and I was right at your doorstep living right over the Kansas border in the town of Baxter Springs, and staying off and on in Joplin, Missouri, when I killed Jennifer Judd on May, 11, 1992, just three weeks or so before the Springfield Three were taken. My preferred choice of transportation is my white ‘cargo’ van. I did such a good job getting away with that Missouri murder that I came back in 2004, this time in a white ‘utility’ van and killed a prostitute who I promptly dumped off near a rest area at Wright City, Missouri. I was best pals with an ex-roomie from jail and his mother from Joplin hid me out for awhile and even loaned me my buddie’s I.D. while he was still doing time, so that I could continue murdering women all over the country. Wasn’t that so sweet of her? Here’s my buddy Johnny Chapman’s rap sheet. These are just his felonies, but his juvenile record is extensive and sealed. Want to take a look?”

    “As you can see, he was not a nice boy, but he was no killer, like me. I enjoyed hanging out with his mom more. Neither one of them took too kindly to it later on though when they found out that I had committed a series of murders and cleverly left John’s identity behind instead of my own. Oh well. I am suave, good looking, and charming. Most women who live long enough around me will tell you so. I just know I will beat that lethal injection sentence. It was the meth, you know? And I didn’t mind pulling hits for the major players to feed my habit. I recommend reading about me here.”

    Comment by nettie267 — February 17, 2010 @ 10:39 pm

  4. I think we need to touch on the sore subject (it’s sore with me, anyway) of Christopher Revak, a potential serial killer who somehow managed to hang himself when taken into custody for his possible involvement in the Renee Williams murder. It was said he was being checked on in his cell every 15 minutes. I find this highly unlikely since that is a VERY small window of opportunity to hang ones self in…but I will let it go at that.

    Apparently his angry wife or live-in girlfriend claimed to police to believe that Williams body was buried on Revaks property and she believed he killed her. So out they went with their shovels and dogs and Revak was taken into custody. So far, there is not a shred of evidence that convinces me that Revak killed this woman. Nor were her remains found on any property owned by Revak. His DNA was at the bar she worked at?? Ok. It’s a BAR. LOTS of people’s DNA is there…isn’t enough.

    So now every hound wanting a “solve” on cases from all over Missouri and even as far away as Wisconsin are rushing down to try to pin as many cold cases on this dead guy as they can. It would seem to be much easier than actually finding the person who killed those women, but anyway….

    Could he have been a killer, or even a serial killer? I suppose so, but so could my neighbor…If he had been involved in the 3MW case, he would have been about 18 and he was not even LIVING in Missouri when this case, or others he is suddenly suspected in were opened…It’s just too easy, sure. Blame the dead guy. I mean, how could he possibly defend himself??

    You can see I am not convinced, and now I read all these trashy articles about how he likely was a serial killer…I mean for fucks sake, He hasn’t even been found to have killed ONE person, let alone more…Look him up on your own time, if you will. But as far as I am concerned, you will be wasting time that you can never get back.

    Comment by nettie267 — February 18, 2010 @ 11:23 am

  5. If this was in fact, a “serial killing” I believe the person responsible to be the most famous of “serial killers” from the area, BTK Killer, Dennis Rader. I could give you at least 1000 reasons why I believe he could have done it, but that would then be a book and this is a blog, so I can shoot my major reasons at you.

    BTK was an acronym coined by the man himself for Bind, Torture, Kill. His first killing stomping grounds are thought to be Wichita, Kansas, though because of the age he was when he settled there, I strongly disagree with this. And at the time of his capture in 2004 after he re-opened communications with the media after a decade of silence, he was thought to have stopped killing….I will wait to attack this. First I will make one of the most controversial statements about the man, to date, and one that I argue with colleages over until I am blue in the face:

    The famous Kansas serial killer, Dennis Rader is, in fact, not a serial killer. There is nothing in his standard profile to indicate he is anything more than what he ACTUALLY is, which is, instead, a copy-cat killer. If and when you read about the man, it will become quite evident. AND, I have suspected for awhile, and then wrote to a member of the church he attended after hearing evidence of that suspicion from him, that Rader did not act alone in at least two of his killings. Dennis killed several victims, but that is where any semblance between him and an actual serial killer ends for Dennis did not seem to actually receive any enjoyment in the act of the killing itself, though he claimed to. Fear and helplessness is the emotion most serial killers wish to place upon their victims, but Dennis, instead, and by his own admission, actually felt compelled to show sympathy of sorts with his victims and try to put them at ease…Dennis wanted, more than anything: fame.

    This is not in keeping with any known facts available on serial killers. Oh sure, they might act caring in the first ten minutes, but once you are in their grip, that is when Mr. Nice Guy (like Bundy) exits, stage left, to be replaced by ruthlessness and reckless hatred. Rader CLAIMS his killings were done out of sexual perversion, and yet nearly none of the victims seems to have been sexually assaulted. There was some DNA found at a few of the crime scenes, but it was such a small amount, and I mean TINY that it simply does not make a bold statement to sexual gratification…I believe those samples were either forced from himself by Rader, or taken in advance and deliberately placed at the scene to make it it LOOK as though the public had a serial sexual predator on it’s hands.

    Three things serial killers do not do, especially if they are the type to plan their crime sometimes weeks in advance (As Rader, himself claimed he did) 1. They do not stop killing. The only reason a true serial killer stops killing is either because he has been caught and incarcerated, or he is dead, period. But many criminologists will shoot themselves in the foot by telling you they believe this man stopped killing for at least a decade. Buzz, wrong, try again. It just doesn’t happen. If a serial killer is no longer killing in his stomping grounds, he is killing somewhere else. 2. They do NOT put their victims at ease, not past the trolling stage, anyway. Sure they make up stories to hook the victim, such as the ones Rader told, to get control of the situation. Raders favorite ones were: “I have a sexual dysfunction and cannot make love to a woman unless I rape her.” And sometimes that would be a stand alone or coupled with his other favorite “I am on the run from the police and need money, food, and a place to hide for a bit”. these are, in fact common things serial killers tell victims to gain their trust and get control, but Rader often told these women this AFTER HE ALREADY HAD CONTROL. Rader could not look a woman in the eye and let her know she was about to die. You cannot get as far removed from serial killer behavior from this if you tried. 3. After the weeks it takes to troll and carefully plan an attack, they DON’T LEAVE DNA EVIDENCE AT THE CRIME SCENE. This was not a compulsary type of killing. There was plenty of time to get condoms….But then again, as I said before: there was no semen taken FROM the bodies so I cannot even be convinced they were sexually assaulted….But boy, he was trying like hell to make it look like it. Serial Killers, despite what some mad idiots might say, do NOT wish to get caught. Their only motivation is to continue to kill, and getting caught would ruin that….Let’s dicuss the 3MW investigation and the timeline in which Rader was eventually caught.

    The first detectives on this case posed a theory long ago that the killer may have used a lost pet ruse to gain the trust of, and therefore entry to the house of Sherrill Levitt. This rang bells with me because at the time I was going over that old information on The Springfield Three case, Rader, a compliance officer and therefore a dog catcher, had recently been arrested in Wichita. Dennis was also in possesion of several disguises, including one of a utility phone worker, construction worker, and police officer, since his uniform was, for all pratical purposes, a police uniform, and his car, also was almost identical to a regular police car…But I don’t believe he would have used that car that evening. I began to read more and more about him, and the more I did, the more I could see other crimes he admitted to with almost an identical m.o. to the Springfield case. Then there is the dog, or at least I THINK it is a stuffed dog perched at the bottom of Suzanne’s waterbed in the crime scene photo. That is not a place girls put stuffed animals, at the bottom of the bed where they would be kicked off…another clue? I say the killer put it there….This also is Rader’s m.o…..Look, I can go on all day long about similarities between some of his other crimes and this one, but I won’t. Instead, I will link below, when I am finished, a decent essay on the man and you can peruse it in your own time, if you will. And we can argue on it at a later time. Because it is NOT the similarities between the cases or anything like that that made me suspect Rader in the first place. What makes me suspect Rader, more than anything else, is what got him caught, the letters to the media in the spring of 2004:

    Begining in March, 2004, the THIRD month of the year. Yes, read that again: THIRD month of the year, Dennis began to write letters to the local media in Wichita. He wrote THREE of them over the THREE month period, each letter being exactly THREE pages in length. I will say it AGAIN: THIRD MONTH, THREE LETTERS over THREE MONTHS, THREE PAGES IN LENGTH. Given the fame of the Springfield case, I do not find that all that subtle at all. Dennis had been reading about himself on the Crime Library. He had changed some of the Chapters names. The one that stands out with me the most is the one he titled EXACTLY: Will there (Be) More? under what normally would have been the Cold Case Squad section of the Crime Library’s story on him….Hmm…Why do people put things into ( )? Generally to show that the sentence can be read with or without them. Will there more???? That does not seem to make much sense, really…BUT, how about: Will there, Moore? I do believe this letter might be addressing the special prosecutor of the Springfield Three, Darrell Moore.
    The word puzzle is also quite interesting.

    David Lohr, and others over at the Crime Library went over it and came up with some very good stuff, but they also missed a few things, the most significant being the quite clearly readable sentence that is filled in horizontally as you go down the puzzle: MO TEAM ARE WRONG MY DNA. ALSO: LOST PET, FOR SALE and SOLD. There were no other BTK victims who had only recently purchased a house, but Sherrill Levitt in Springfield had. MO?? M.O. or the very widely accepted abberviation for Missouri?? I found many other things, but these stand alone, in my opinion if trying to tie it to this crime only, which is the only one I am interested in tying it to at the moment. Now you might ask me why these things are so important to the timeline on the Springfield Three Investigation, to which I would answer:

    What was so very important during this timeline was that during this period news agencies from all over the country were buzzing and I mean this was HUGE news across the U.S.: Special Prosecutor Darrell Moore, who had been sitting on possible DNA evidence in this case obtained from an old cabin about to be torn down had announced that Springfield would be sending that evidence off for nuclear DNA testing, the most promising lead on the Springfield case ever. Moore was absolutely sure the DNA would link to one of their current suspects. And Rader wrote MO TEAM ARE WRONG MY DNA. All THREE letters Dennis wrote, he did so breaking YEARS of silence. This ended up, ironically enough, getting him caught. But what might have prompted him to do such a reckless thing? Why, the announcement of the DNA evidence and the publicity it was generating, and the fact that this publicity was not aimed at HIM.

    If you read other letters over the years he wrote to the media, Dennis could not STAND for his crimes not to be acknowledged and attributed to him in the media. And he KNEW the number one suspect in the Springfield Three case was Cox and not himself. This COULD have prompted his comeback, compelled him to break his silence. One might ask me, here: Ok, so why was he not more forthcoming and specific in his letters with that information as he had been in the past with his Kansas killings? To which I would answer: Rader was not a fool. He knew police in Kansas had nothing on him AFTER the death penalty was reinstated there. He would never have to face it for his KNOWN crimes there. It’s one thing to toy with the police in a non-death penalty situation, quite another to do so in a very active death penalty state such as Missouri. Ohhh, but you see, the thrill for Dennis was, from the begining, the cat and mouse game he played with police. Yes, playing a LITTLE with the death penalty just MIGHT have held an irresistable appeal to Dennis.

    So, the Florida Connection. On New Years Eve, 1993 Americas Most Wanted received a call from Florida, but the person hung up before a proper connection could be made with law enforcement. In the link on Rader I will put below, I would like to draw your attention to page 7 where a murder occured in Wichita in 1987, the Fagers. Rader wrote to the media telling them that he did not committ that murder but was a fan of whoever had. The police arrested and tried a contractor who done work for the Fagers and had fled in the families car to FLORIDA. The man was AQUITTED ON ALL CHARGES. His name is SEALED. You will find NOTHING on who he is, nor any explaination as to why his name is sealed, even though he was actually tried for this crime. What in the HELL is up with THAT? They won’t give it to you, folks. You can try like I have, ain’t happening. BUT, the police are so convinced that this Flroida man is guilty of the crime, that they have actually closed the case….Something very dubious happening there….

    Raders fascination is with the fame attributed to serial killings. I am of the opinion that he became a copy-cat killer for the sole purpose of becoming one of the most famous serial killers ever, which makes him either not a true serial killer, or else, more disturbingly, a new breed of serial killer. Rader compares his work to the Son of Sam, the Zodiac, and THIS one is interesting; the Hillside Stranglers…ah but there were TWO of them…Hmmm.

    Suffice to say, that if this is a serial killing, there is no doubt at all in my mind that the killer was Dennis Rader. You can read about him, and compare notes, argue, or beat me over the head here:

    Comment by nettie267 — February 19, 2010 @ 12:19 pm

    • I also suspect Dennis in the JonBenét Ramsey murder.

      Comment by nettie267 — March 3, 2010 @ 2:51 am

  6. Who haven’t we covered yet? Let’s see…Oh, Gerald Carnahan. Gerry is the top suspect in the Jackie Johns murder. They have the goods for certain this time, DNA, and he will be going away for life, FINALLY, now that the DA can no longer justify THROWING the case against him for his wealthy family….

    Gerry tried to abduct another woman, but she got away, and he is also supected in the murder of Debbie Lewis. The Lewis murder was nearly identical in m.o. to the Johns murder. Gerry also fired upon police, burned down a business rivals shop, and still managed to get a passport to do business in China, something I have NEVER heard of a felon being able to do. Felonies for firearms offenses are an instant red flag NO on the passport criteria list…This smells…

    Other murders I personally suspect Carnahan in: Angela Hammond, Cheryl Kenney, and Machelle Lee. I also suspect him as being the driver of the white van who attempted to grab my friend at the Current River.

    Comment by nettie267 — March 3, 2010 @ 2:22 am

  7. Randy Rust…Oh dear God, where to begin with this one…Randy Rust wrote a cute little journal about all the little girls he was planning to kidnap, torture, and murder, along with their parents before killing himself. It detailed the plot exactly, even gave dscriptions as to where he would hide his car to pull of the crimes, which were the best entrances and exits to the house, you get the picture.

    When a female room mate found and read the journal she became very nervous. She noted that Rust had also purchased many of the items descibed in this journal that would be required to pull off the crime; torure instruments, various restraints, sex toys, ect. The room mate alerted the police who at the outset BLEW THIS CASE. Instead of putting Rust under surveillance and waiting for him to make his move, so that attempt could be easily established, they decided to arrest him right then.

    This causes many problems. First off, now they could NOT charge him with attempt, which would have put him away for several life terms depending on how many were in the home he made his move on. They would instead have to charge him with the more obscure “intent”, much harder to prove, and even harder to prosecute. At the end of the day they only managed to prove one count of intent, even though Missouri law allowed for them to charge him with more, and this man got 15 years.

    Given day for day for good behavior, he could be out in as little as 8 years, still plenty of time to plan another rape or murder of one of YOUR kids. This was one of the biggest travesties of justice I have seen in that area, but Randy is brother to Jack Rust of Jack Rust Trucking, a very wealthy business owner in the area….He also has friendship ties to Recla, one of our “graverobbers”. Guys, this maan did not suddenly wake up at the age of 50 plus and suddenly decide to become a killer, ok? He likely always has been.

    I suspect Randy in this case, The Springfield Three.

    Comment by nettie267 — March 3, 2010 @ 2:49 am

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    Comment by Pearline Feller — June 3, 2011 @ 5:46 am

  9. ~Newbie Here~…(speaking of convicted serial killer & his brother that still walks a free man)……..Just found this page and decided to toss a little spice in the mix. ~22 years ago, as I was driving home from a friends around 3am-ish, I was heading west on Grand St… I approached the little side street a few houses down from the Streeter’s home that crosses over Grand….a van came peeling out onto Grand (going left/ west)…the driver blew through his stop sign and ran me off the road….A few days later I noticed the news broadcast of the 3MW and immediately called the detective in charge who asked me to come down to the station….I did, told them all that happened, where, when, and that I had a ((clear look at the driver))…I asked them if they had any pictures of possible suspects and was told NO….asked if they had a sketch artist around and was told NO….When I paused (dumbfounded) the detective stood up and motioned towards the door and thanked me for coming in…this was approximately 3 days after the abduction….I left my contact info/name ect….and never heard a peep back…..I moved across country and only recently returned 3 years ago to find the case still unsolved. After noticing & responding to an add on Craigslist asking for any information to help solve this case, I responded…. The person is a private investigator working on many unsolved cold cases. I told her what I told detectives all those years ago and she asked me if I’d like to see a lineup of past possible suspects that were accumulated after I moved away. I said absolutely, and she emailed the list of photo’s to me….Scanning across the row of pic’s I stopped dead in my tracks….For the first time in 22 years, I was looking into the face of the driver that ran me off the road that night…and incident that caused my little girl to fly out of the back seat and slam into my drivers seat and then throwing her to the floor….I will NEVER forget the look on that man’s face…it was filled with so much hate and anger ! …I called the private investigator and asked her who he was…She told me he is (Gary Hall) and he is the twin brother of a convicted serial killer named Larry Hall….History of the 2 brothers is : They traveled the upper mid-west states doing civil war reenactments…Leaving a trail of unsolved missing woman cases for years…They had actually joined in at Wislon’s Creek Battlefield in the past, and Gary frequented the Springfield area because he drove a delivery truck…They are originally from Wabash Indiana…..So, ~3days after it all happened here is when I spoke to detectives…I told them it was an older model van with 2 front windshields (meaning it had a seam down the middle)….Just seems strange that the VERY same description of van that I reported 22 years ago (3 days) after the crime, and still the detectives refuse to listen to me…I did contact the new detective assigned to the 3MW case last year to tell him I now have a name to put with the face of the driver….Once again I was shut down…ignored….No one can tell ME that Gary was NOT the driver….I saw him myself….there was a (black curtain hanging all the way across behind the driver & passenger seats) that prevented me form seeing inside the back of the van….Anyone’s guess would be as good as mine on who might have been in the back of the van keeping the woman restrained….Then I hear that Larry Hall (sitting in prison for life) makes it known that his brother (Gary) WAS INDEED involved in the crime along with a family member & friend….Authorities waited days before sending a detective to speak face to face with Larry to officially document what he had to say…..1st big mistake the detectives made (they sent a woman detective)…because days had lapsed before sending this detective, Larry had a change of heart at implicating his brother in the crime….and the fact that it was a female detective must have sent him into a bit of (twisted) moment of thrill and he exclaimed that it had all been just a dream that he had one night…and not reality….One thing I’ve learned is that if an inmate simply wants attention, and they claim responsibility for a crime just for publicity, they don’t turn around and deny it (so quickly)…Usually when they lie, they stick with their story as long as they can for the ongoing attention they crave…BUT…Larry and Gary’s mother passed away right around that time….the brothers had had a falling out with each other….and implicating his brother in the crime was Larry’s way of trying to get back at his brother while trapped behind bars….and after a few days, Larry had a change of heart and recanted his knowledge of Gary and the 3MW case,,,saying it was simply a dream he had…My discovery of the lineup pic’s & being able to put a name to the face of the driver all happened around the same time frame….Still, detectives refuse to act…..Detectives told me that they HAD questioned Gary years ago, but at the time they had NO concrete evidence (hello?) (what about me?) (the eye witness that night?)….and since they claim they had no evidence, Gary plead the 5th…..hence, they can’t legally approach him again on the matter unless the HAVE A SMOKING GUN (so to speak)……Like I said….any of those other past suspects VERY WELL could have been in the back of the van with the ladies….and every day , I have to wake up knowing that I know 1000% who the driver was.

    ~Excuse the typo’s….typing directly from memory and I couldn’t care less about any opinions from any self appointed grammar gestapo….I’ve had enough bull$hit from local detectives to last me a lifetime….

    Comment by Grandma Kat — July 1, 2014 @ 12:41 am

    • Interestingly enough, I had a friend from up here in Illinois who attended a civil war reenactment in that area around that time….I wonder if he would have run into the pair? Yes, I know about the civil war suspects, I have spoken with a few people on it and they do not appear to think it’s a very hot lead. I, however, do.

      Comment by nettie267 — November 6, 2014 @ 8:20 pm

  10. Is anyone familiar with this man: Craig Wood? His lifestyle screams “potential serial killer” to me.

    Comment by nettie267 — July 3, 2014 @ 3:56 pm

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  12. i still say , the remains are at 2750 west olive , on the side of the house where the outside entrance to the basement is located , 3 steps towards the rock pile from the ventilation pipe running up the side of the house , i know it , and one sheriff and 2 detectives know it , as they stood on that site and , one of the killers sons said , this is where dad said they were , end quote that was 2011 , how wonderful that in 2014 we now know that there is a tunnel running thru the yard -part of the now defunct water auquaduct system of tunnels , 2 surveys attached to the tract parcel show a 85 survey with the sysyem open ans a 94 survey with the duct closed from the house to the road , this creats a secret 40 foot chamber in the yard , another discussion about that pile of rocks in the yard , states dad put a man in the fruit cellar and yanked out a tree , collasping it on the body , and put a dog on a chain over it to run down the site , dad said it was a trooper , mighty fine statements now backed up with a attachment to the city parcel chart showing a zoning approval request to change a flagstone flloor to cement floor in a fruit cellar , this does however prove that the cellar was there

    Comment by truth& justice — November 5, 2014 @ 5:01 am

  13. Wow, I did not realize any of this about the Olive Street location….A state trooper lives there as of right now??

    Comment by nettie267 — November 6, 2014 @ 8:17 pm

  14. Wow, I had no idea of any of this. You know, it’s funny, but there was another killer in a nearby town who people suspect has a Missouri woman buried in his yard in much the same manner. Memory is escaping me right now, but it would be odd, if that person were ever in some way attached to that address…..

    Comment by nettie267 — November 6, 2014 @ 8:36 pm

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